On the top of Paris, Montmartre 俯瞰巴黎,蒙馬特丘陵

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在巴黎的每一天都過得很自由,起床後想想今天該往哪兒去呢? 踩著鞋便出們了。

在這充滿陽光的一天,我們決定前往蒙馬特丘陵。 蒙馬特丘陵是一座130公尺高的山丘,位於巴黎北部第18區,是個有名的觀光勝地,附近有著名的聖心堂 (Basilique du Sacré-Cœur)、紅磨坊 (Moulin Rouge),或是電影愛蜜利異想世界裡的咖啡廳 Cafe des Deux Moulins,都在這附近。






參觀完教堂後,我們沿著教堂旁的小巷子繞了繞,觀光客通常不會走來這邊,因為這裡比較偏住宅區。雖然沒什麼觀光小店,但我們發現了許多小餐廳,從餐廳裡的窗戶看出看剛好可以俯瞰巴黎,只可惜當時我們都不餓….. 來到巴黎,如果想一邊用餐一邊俯瞰巴黎市區,蒙馬特是很不錯的選擇!

Each day we woke up with no plans ahead. And on this sunny day, we decided to go for Montmartre Hill, the highest point of Paris.  (Location shown on the map below)

Montmartre is a 130 meters high hill located at the 18th aroundissement of Paris. area with lots of tourists. Each streets are full with souvenir stores, candy stores, cafes, and those cute unique shops that always attracts people to go in.  Have to say that I personally could not resist the candy stores the most (hahahaha). Piles of macarons, chocolates, candies……YESSSSSS!

On the top of Montmartre hill stands a famous church ─ Basilique du Sacré-Cœur. I remember seeing it from the bottom of the hill, it looked so graceful, pure, and peaceful.  We took the path along the grass up to the church. There’s also cable car that takes people up and down the hill, but Nick and I decided to take a walk, enjoying the view along the way.

Entering the church felt like entering into a different world, Basilique du Sacré-Cœur was the first church that I went to in Europe, and it was thrilling. Inside the church, the sun shone in through the stain-glass with just the right amount of brightness. It was quiet, very quiet, only the sound of prayers trying to reach out to the god. The wall were tall, each corner were designed with delicate details, Statues, flowers, candles. I personally do not have a religion, yet I’d like to respect and experience all of them. I believe church is a place that brings people closer to their god, holy and pure.

We wandered around the streets on the hill for a while after leaving the church, it was less a tourism area, only some cute restaurants asides. If you would like to dine with a view of paris, I believe these restaurants up on Montmartre hill are the places to be. :-)








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