Transportation in Paris 巴黎交通


The massive metro system in Paris well-covers the whole city which is very convenient, you can possibly access anywhere by metro within the city. If you are staying in Paris for more than 3 days, I’d suggest to purchase a Navigo pass.

巴黎地鐵範圍很廣且非常方便,整個城市基本上沒有地鐵到不了的地方。若計畫在巴黎待超過三天,我會建議使用Navigo Pass,Navigo pass就像我們都悠遊卡一樣,但使用上有許多限制與規則。


As you can see in the picture above, Paris is divided into 5 zones. Charles de Gaulle Airport is located in zone 5, and most of the attractions are within zone 1&2. The Navigo pass price depends on the Zones you choose, for example, if you want to move from Charles de Gaulle Airport into the city, you would need a Navigo pass for zone 1-5, which would be 34,40€. Once you purchase the card, you can use it for a whole week, but do be aware that a Navigo pass would only last until the upcoming sunday, which means you have to recharge it every week if needed. Therefore, if you are arriving on Saturday, I’d suggest you to buy a daily pass.

Also, while riding Paris metro, be aware that there are some stations under construction at the time, make sure you find out whether the station you are going to is available, if not, you can choose to take the bus (there are free bus at some stations due to construction) or get off at the closest station.

To my own opinion, Paris metro system was convenient, quick , and also, it runs quite late. But if you are not in a hurry, I’d suggest you to take some walk, to enjoy the streets of paris and discover some cute shops!

And this might not be all the transportation info, so if you have any further questions, feel welcome to comment down below! 😀

就像上圖,巴黎總共分成5環。戴高樂機場位於第5環,而大部分的旅遊景點都在1、2環內。Navigo pass的價錢依照選擇通勤的環域不同而有不同的價錢,比如說,從戴高樂機場移動到市區內,你需要1-5環的Navigo Pass,其價錢大約是34歐元,若只是在市區內移動,可選擇較小環域,價錢當然會比較便宜。

Navigo pass比較特別的地方是,它會在你購買的那個星期日過期,若想要繼續使用,必須在付一次錢。所以說,如果你星期六抵達巴黎,我會建議買單日票,價錢大約10歐,不然會虧錢阿阿阿阿。



這並不是全部的交通資訊,也可能有些細節我沒提到,若有任何問題歡迎留言! 😀

If you have any question about Navigo pass, visit:

如果對Navigo pass有疑問,可以參考以下網站:


Paris by train:


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